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Gary Iskowitz I am fortunate to have a successful practice comprised of a partner and 12 staff members; we work with high-income individuals in the Los Angeles area. I am also fortunate to have had both local and national television exposure. And I owe these things to an unlikely source [read more...]
NEWS:   IRS Audits Soar: What to Do When It's You If you're thinking about fudging on your income taxes, you better think twice. The IRS reported a double-digit jump in the number of people audited last year, and experts believe that's part of a trend that will have even more taxpayers answering to tax examiners in years to come. [read more...]
  Gary Iskowitz the Founder of the preeminent Los Angeles accounting firm of Gary Iskowitz & Company details five money saving tips for the 2010 tax season plus valuable recommendations and practical information.

Originally broadcast live on the Fox TV morning show Good Day LA in March of 2010 with Steve Edwards, Jillian Reynolds & Dorthy Lucey.
Gary discusses the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel with Regis and Kelly.  The Taxpayer Advocacy Panel or TAP is a Department of the Treasury authorized organization of volunteers working with the IRS to improve customer relations, service and satisfaction.  For more information go to http://improveIRS.org

Orignally broadcast live on Live! with Regis and Kelly on April 26th 2010.
Gary Iskowitz

In 1971, CSU Northridge professor Gary Iskowitz created a program to provide local taxpayers with free tax return preparation by accounting students. Iskowitz’s effort grew into a national Internal Revenue Service program called Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA).

Today, 12,000 VITA sites exist throughout the United States, providing both a valuable community service and a powerful hands-on learning experience for students.

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